From my 6th year I’m (Lex) interested in the pigeon sport. First together with my father Jan de Jongh, later playing independently from the age of 18. My grandfather was also an pigeon fancier. Three generations of the family De Jongh in the pigeon sport!

My real fanatic career with pigeons started in 2007. At that time I got to know Ype Hemstra. Together we had the same passion. Looking for the very best pigeons. We went everywhere to get the best. In 2009 we started race together with Leo Heesakkers in Heeswijk-Dinther. From the beginning we are on the top of the competition in our aera Midebo and the East-Brabant department.

In 2015 I started racing independently at the current address in Elshout. At that time we had already built a great breeding loft and it’s was time to race and make new top results. Together with Bernard van Oerle (loft manager) we started and it went great right away. Every year a division or NPO victory is achieved. We were already able to record a first national in 2018. My wife Ingrid was also added to team GPS in 2018. On her own name she won immediately the first national!

On this website we have an overview of the performance of recent years.

Lex & Ingrid de Jongh

In addition to Team GPS, Lex de Jongh also owns:

Pigeon magazine
“Het Spoor der Kampioenen”

The professional magazine for racing pigeon fanciers in the Netherlands and also the Belgian fanciers. This weekly magazine is full of columns from well-known fanciers, reports of the winners, medical sections from well-known veterinarians and everything about national competitions such as WHZB & Podium der Grootmeesters. (www.hetspoorderkampioenen.nl)

GPS – Auctions

The biggest all-round pigeon auction house of the Netherlands and that for more than 14 years. Every week top pigeons are offered from top international fanciers and that to more than 30 countries around the world. This makes GPS the largest in the Netherlands and a big player worldwide. Also recently been expanded with a fixed price sales site “GPS-Fixedprice”. GPS – Auctions (www.gps-auctions.com) & GPS Fixed (www.gps-fixedprice.com)

Partnership Top Pigeons

Since the end of 2019, a partnership has been entered with auction house Top Pigeons that are focused on the marathon category. GPS has started to do the logistics for them, from storage before the auction to transporting after the auctions, with the associated administrative activities.

Inbred Harry

“Inbred Harry”

Foundation Cock Team GPS

Beauty Harry

“Beauty Harry”

Original Jan Hooymans
Bought by Team GPS in 2013, Back to Jan Hooymans in 2016.

New Harry

“New Harry”

Bred by Team GPS, new star at loft Jan Hooymans